M&M Marine provides guidance in relation to preparation, negotiation and completion of ship sale and purchase deals and contracts.

With its extensive market knowledge M&M Marine thoroughly understands that the knowledge of
  • ship design and construction
  • fundamental differences between dry bulk cargo ships, general-purpose ships, liners and tankers
  • size, capabilities and specialisation of major ship yards
  • cargoes, trade routes and meteorological phenomena
  • forms of registrations and their differences
  • forms of classes and their difference
  • market dynamics and different sets of parties in a deal
  • basic anatomy of a sale and pruchase agreement and existence additional clauses if required
  • negotiation dynamics ie, firm offer, counter offer, limits of offers
  • business and financial modeling ie, valuation, debt structuring
  • insurance
is essential in sales and purchase activities. M&M Marine guarantees to produce the best possible alternatives for the parties involved in the process.